Learning About Size Genetics for Enlargement

Penis enlargement seems to be a big deal with a lot of men. The size of the male organ is only considered a clinical problem if it is a "micropenis" or if it only measures 2 ¾ inches or less in length. In actual fact, there are a lot of male adults who are less than 6 ½ inches in length. This is not actually a clinical issue, but somehow a great number of men consider this an inadequacy.


Short of self-confidence, unresponsiveness to women, and difficulties that affect relationships are some of the common ramifications caused by the concern of males in size. There are different ways in looking at this issue for both men and women. Some may disregard it, while some may take great lengths just to attain their goal.


Perhaps because of accessibility of information these days, the size of a male’s penis does matter to both males and females. The way women everywhere are thought of for the size of their breast and waistline, among other shallow matters, the males also feel some insecurity when it comes to their size. This concerns not just their actual body height. In their minds, they always want to attain the status of the alpha male and will do everything to achieve it.


Greater pleasure zone with male enhancement


A lot of men have become aware that the head of the penis and the base of the shaft are the most sensitive parts and this may even be enhanced with penis enlargement. A survey was conducted and published in the Journal of Urology. Researchers inquired from eighty-one healthy male respondents. They were requested to rate their body parts according to sensitivity when it comes to sexual pleasure.


Body parts included are scrotum, chest nipples, anus, neck, and the male organ of course. Apparently, majority of the males who were asked indicated that the most sensitive part of their body is that portion underneath the head of the penis and the bottom part of the shaft. After that is the top part of the head of the male organ, then both sides of it. This is followed by all the sides of the shaft, and its upper segments. There were uncircumcised respondents who included the foreskin.


More of an issue in advancing age, size or sensitivity


According to research studies, whether the male organ is huge or smaller than the standard measurement, sensitivity gradually wanes among aging men. Reports indicate the standard figures for erected penis. Three percent of males have micro penis or less than 8 centimeters in length. 15 centimeters is the typical length and 6 centimeters is the average circumference. Considered an immense size is 20 centimeters in length and above.


The rate of sensitivity may vary depending on the health and physical condition of the person. Moreover, it is not easy to determine by how much since various investigators make use of a number of methods to excite the male organ and gauge sensitivity. This is determined with the least stimulation level the person is able to feel. Regardless of variances among the different studies, evidence indicates an apparent trend. Decreased sensitivity begins at age twenty-five.


Major decrease in sensitivity is observed among males ages sixty-five to seventy-five. What may not be exactly reckoned in the research is if males actually take notice of declining sensitivity as they age. The men may be noticing it, they merely avoid mentioning it. Apparently, this is seldom complained about. They rather speak of their desire for penis enlargement. In addition, problems with erections and ejaculation are also issues they express concern for.


A lot of men have become aware that the head of the penis and the base of the shaft are the most sensitive parts and this may even be enhanced with penis enlargement. Greater pleasure zone with male enhancement